From Zero to Hero

Apnea Canarias

"The best way of learning for becoming instructor"

This program is specially designed for those who, from scratch, want to become instructor following a progressive training in a relatively short time.

Over at least three months of continuous training, the student will go through all courses: from level one up to become an instructor. During that time students can train and gain experience to decide (with the instructor) at what point do the next level. In this way you will maximize each course taking the most out of each of them.

There is no established schedule beyond the program itself for each of the levels, with the advantage that each student will manage their own times with advice from the instructors.

During this time the student will be part of Apnea Canarias family, they will learn from the inside how a freediving centre works and taking part of all scheduled activities.

During the Instructor course the student will obtain an excellent experience with real students, so you will get an almost customized training.